The Comics Advisor

A project aimed at promoting the reading of indipendent and small press comic books. The system, designed to be used in comic book conventions, uses a vending machine to dispense comic book suggestions created and submitted by artists

Sketches showing the different stages of refinement of the initial ideas, and the fully functional prototype, made with cardboard, created as a proof of concept.

Target audience personas based on the response received from a survey conducted at the university of Salford, and the comic book page presenting the system.

Pages from the “how to” guides aimed to help artists to produce the comic book suggestions.

3D rendering of the Comics Advisor vending machine, created in collaboration with a 3D artist.

Comic book suggestions, three 8 pages duotone stapled booklets, and the buttons with the mascots.

Character design of the mascots, each represent a different series of genres. The mascots are also being used in social media promotions through a series of animations, created using AfterEffects.

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